Plunge tub

Plunge tub from manufacturer!


Romantic bath in the garden at the fire in wooden wooden tub.

The wooden log can be the long decor of your garden, giving you health, relaxation and unforgettable moments

Technical description
  • 40mm wall thickness
  • Stainless steel circle with  and  Banner  inside around the wall
  • outer scale
  •  bottles 
  • Boiler made of wood
  • 1m long stainless steel
  • W2600, 1800-4000cm diameter,
  • No. places: 4-12 people
  • water volume: 2000-4000 liters
  • net weight of 200-350 kg

Plunge tub
Price list:

We produce plunge tubs with the following diameters:
Diameter People Price (EUR) Price (lei)
180cm 2 1500 EUR 6700 lei
200cm 2-3 1600 EUR 7200 lei
220cm 3-4 1650 EUR 7425 lei
250cm 4-6 1750 EUR 7875 lei
270cm 6-8 1850 EUR 8325 lei
300cm 8-10 2000 EUR 9000 lei
350cm 10-12 2500 EUR 11 250 lei
400cm 15-20 3000 EUR 13 500 lei
The price does not include VAT. The price includes on-site assembly on the existing foundation, the value of the transport being equivalent to the value of the fuel consumed round-the-clock and is supported by the customer.
The plunge tub accessories:

Wood-fired aluminum furnace chimney
Wood stairs – internal benches
Oil finish, antifungal protection
Steel hoop with clamp bolt – drink holder (or more)
Stove guard grid
Wooden spa/tub cover ( if plastic cover also available)
Stainless steel tires

If you ask your spa with pump and filter, you’ll enjoy the benefit of clean and sanitised water. This would make the use of your spa economical, because the frequency of water change would be less, as the water would be continously filtered and sanitised during the use of your spa.

The plunge tubs can be transported assembled.