About us

Our Team

We are a company in Transylvania specialised in creating  wooden houses and furniture.Our team members are local craftsmen qualified in carpentery and cabinet-making . They are highly skilled and have extensive experience  in designing and manufacturing  different types of timber structures.

Our hi-tech factory,which is situated in Gheorgheni, consists of  three plants. Each of them with its special task come together as an assembly. We have developed a reputation for manufacturing  high quality products  which can be found all over Europe . We are delighted that we can make our customers satisfied by bringing to life their vision of  the ideal home.

There are 10 facts, that make us different from the others

  • We have gathered a wide range of experience since 1994 when our company was established.
  • We are manufacturers not agents therefore you are provided  the most appropriate price and the best ways of negotiation related to the products  that you are looking for.
  • Our craftsmen will help guide you through the whole process  of bringing to life your vision from design to building.
  • Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. What is more, our previous customers have been given positive feedback about our work making our company well-known in the region.
  • Each piece is custom made and individually designed.
  • Our products are crafted from natural materials.
  • In order to achieve total customer satisfaction we do our best to understand our customers’ requirements and guarantee our agreed delivery date.
  • We encourage our customers to visit our factory in order to follow the steps of  manufacturing.
  • Our timber supply comes from the forest industry of the region.
  • Our wooden houses are budget priced however they are not inferior to any other house structures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sort of fundation needed?

Two types of foundations  are used in the case of wooden houses. One option  is  the ’strip footings’   while the other is the reinforced slab type depending on the circumstances. In both cases  a qualified  engineer’s plan is required.

What type of heating system do you suggest?

Any type of system can be used  just like in the case of  brick or brick-veneer buildings.

How often do you need to paint the house?

It is recommended to paint the house every 4-5 years. After two-three paintings  the interval can be decreased. The house can be ordered painted or unpainted.

What sort of floor and wall coveing required in the bathroom or kitchen?

Due to the wet condition we recommend ceramic tiles.

What sort of doors or windows do we manufacture?

There are two types of doors and windows: insulated and without insulation.The size and type of the windows and doors are chosen by the client .

What sort terms and conditions are there, regarding payments?

When the contract is signed  50% deposit is required whereas  you need to pay 30% deposit when the product is ready  and it is before delivery. On the seventh day of building  15%  needs to be paid and finally  5% at completion.

What kind  of timeframe do we work with?

The manufacturing and site work time depend on many conditions like our availability, the site condition, the size of the ordered house and other sub-contractors schedule.

However completing a wooden house  takes considerably less time than a  brick or concrete dwelling.