Special offers

Special offers

Below we listed our ‘ready to go’ timber Galleria kits. These are stoked items of quality and yet, we discounted them, as they are over-stocked items.
This way, our customers can have a short lead-time with their project, as they are ready to go.
Discount only valid for the time, while stock last, but we can reproduce them, as required by our customers.

We are also open for slight changes to our ready to build kits, if that need be.

K1 type wooden house – 11000 euro

The price is the cost of manufacturing, which includes all timber elements, from top to bottom. The house is packaged as a kit, but it had already been erected in our workshop, as the photo shows. As soon as we recieved payment of the building, is ready for shipment.

The house is without insulation.

The price excluding installation, roofing material, delivery and VAT/GST, but we can assist in that.

K2 type plunge tub – 1600 euro

diameter: 2,5m
height: 1,1 m
with cup stand and scale

Wooden garage type K3 – 9000 euro

The garage wall is 40 mm thick, and the ends of 40×130 timber panels are lock-fitted. The garage built on concrete footing, but has no floor. The ceiling covered with 20mm thick timber lining on 140X40 mm beams, that is visible from inside,while from outside covered with shingles.
The price does include the VAT and roofing material (bituminous shingle).

K4 type wooden house – 2400 euro

K5 type wooden stall – 2150 euro

A friendly-looking, durable/time-standing, stable,  40 mm thick wall stalls/wooden houses are ideal for fairs, various events, or for permanent use.

The booth size and equipment depends on the customer wish.

The price does not contain VAT.

K6 type tool shed – 1875 EUR

The tool storage size of 200cm x 300cm, 275 cm height of the wall and built from 40 mm thick pine wood with 20 mm thick timber floor. The roof is made of beams and lined with timber.
The roof at the front over hangs by 70 cm, at the back by 25 cm, while at sides by 35 cm.
The small storage shed is, 80cmx112 cm and has a -60×60 cm-, window in the front and same size at the back, with shutters. The building contains a single door, size 90x195cm.
The price includes all elements of the timber wall, floor and roof, in natural condition, packed and ready to transport.

The price does not include VAT/GST.

K7 type garden house – 2450 EUR
Size: 300cm X 400cm
Height of walls: 208 cm
Over all Height: 275 cm
Wall thickness: 40 mm
Floor thickness: 20 mm
Roof: 20mm thick timber roof lining
Over hang: Front: 70cm, Back: 25cm, Sides: 35cm
Front: 80cmx112cm ( 1 off)
Side: 80cmx112cm (1 off)
To request: At the back: 60cmx 60cm with shutters (1 off)

Entry door: 90cmx195cm

The price includes all elements of the timber, from floor to roof,  in natural condition, packed and placed, ready to transport. The price does not include VAT/GST.

Barrel sauna K8 – 3000 EUR

Sizes: 300×220 cm, inner length:205 cm, capacity:4 persons
The material used for the sauna is first class pine which is perfect for outdoor use.
The thickness of the wall is 40 mm and the furniture is made of extra quality linden and contains:

  •  two pieces of sauna benches ( 200x 60 cm)
  •  two headrests, two backrests, grids
  •  frame that protects the stove

The wooden door is paneled and glassed-in. The rims are made of stainless steel and are equipped with clamping screws.
There are benches in the hall of the sauna which can be used for resting.Our prices contain the installation of the sauna.

The price doesn’t contain VAT .
Transportation (in the country) 0.25 EU/km (return) +accommodation during installation.