About Roofings

Due to the roof slope, the roofs are characterized by two basic types:
– flat roof
– sloping roof

Both roof types are supported by the same wood structure and roof cover coincides in both cases.
Roof beams, rafters and grid frames are required for sloping roofs.
Used wood is not polished or often not planed, as it does not belong to the category of visible elements.
Tilt angle or roof slope is the vertical elevation of the horizontal plane, relative to the unit of measurement.
That is why it is measured in percent or in degrees. The inclination of the roof influences how it is wrapped, nowadays
there are many ways to use and the range of materials and products used for this purpose is very wide
On flat or low-slope roofs, multiple layers of wood are used between which the insulator and the insulating sheets are placed.
Wrap with bituminous shingles.