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The inhabitants of Giurgeului Basin in the mountaineous region of Eastern Carpathians have had centuries old traditions in woodcraft. Our company has been producting quaility, environmental-friendly wooden products based on the local traditions and knowledge for more than 15 years. During this period we have transported we have transported our products in the following countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy,Hungary and Romania.

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The advantages of wooden houses

The advantage of timber houses are that, they made of 80-100 years old high quality pines, that grow in the Gheorgheni Basis high-altitude pine forests, adapting to the cold winter and short growing season, that makes the timber durable to high load while remain flexible, compared with other types of pines.

Due to high resin content, our pine is more resistant to funguses and pest, than other type of pines. It's provides healthy living, while environmentally friendly building material for homes and intimate atmosphere.

The construction of timber houses require considerably shorter time, than brick houses, so the customer can save a lot of additional costs. The average preparation time of our houses are, approximately a month.

We are proud of the facts, that we build with advanced-technology materials that provides protection against fungus's, moulds and moisture.

Interior of the house warm and cozy in winter -also can be heated- and cool in summer. There is option to insulate the walls and roof, which would make it even better.

The respiratory capacity of the timber in humid conditions makes it sure that inside the house is always optional and close to 40%. Also building from timber is energy saving, compared to conventional buildings.

Timber houses environmentally friendly, durable and safe. Footing prepared to exact size from pre-dried materials, that can be erected at any time of the year. These houses are cheap and quick to install and show durability to earthquakes.