About us

Our Team

Our team members are local, Transylvanian tradesman,with carpentery and cabinet-making qualifications. They are highly skilled and have extensive experience with our company, in many different type of timber structures.

Our plant is located in Transylvania –Gheorgheni- where all the activities, from design to manufacturing happen. Our hi-tech factory consist three plants, each of them, with its special task, that comes together as an assembly. We are proud of the facts, that our products are in almost all European countries, with many satisfied coustomers.

There are 10 facts, that make us different from the others

  • Our company was founded in 1994, built on professional outlook
  • We are manufacturers, not agents, which in turns give you a better negotiations, and price, apart of the quality, that you’re looking for
  • We can help you with design, and manufacture your „plan” into reality
  • Our past clients satisfactions proves, our proffetional attitude to you
  • Our products are designed individually for each client
  • We care for the enviroment, therefore we work with natural materials
  • We guarantee our agreed delivery date
  • If you wish, you are able to visit us to follow the steps of manufacturing
  • Our timber supply comes from the forest industry that manages the supplies
  • Our timber homes are budget priced, but that doesn’t mean that these dwelling are inferior to other home structures

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of fundation needed?
In the case of a timber dwelling there are two ways to create fundations. One isa „strip” type while the other is slab type, pending on the circumstances. In both case we need a qualified  engineer’s plan

What type of heating system do we suggest?
All type of system can be used,  just like in case of  brick or brick-veneer buildings.

How often do you need to paint the house?
It is recommended to paint the house in every 4-5 years. After 2nd or 3rd painting the interwall can be increesed. The house can be ordered painted or unpainted.

What sort of floor and wall coveing required in the bathroom or kitchen?
Because of the wet condition, we recommend ceramic tiles.

What sort of doors or windows we make?
There are two types of doors and windows, insulated and without insulation. The size and type is according to client instuction.

What sort terms and conditions are there, regarding payments?
At the time of order, we require 50% deposit, 30% at the end of manufacturing, before delivery,  15% after 7th days of site assembly and 5% at completion

What sort of time –frame we work to?
The manufacturing and site work time depends on many conditions. Our availability, the site condition, the size of the ordered house and other sub-contractors schedule.

However completing a building like ours, is considerably less time then brick or concrete dwellings.

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